Billy Miske Out With Challenge to

Middleweights, Billy Scott preferred.


  Billy Miske, a middleweight of St. Paul, Minn., who is under management of Pearl Smith, a wrestling instructor,  is anxious to appear before one of the Milwaukee clubs.  Smith has written his friend, Jack Redmond, to negotiate for a match with any 158 to 163 pound boxer in this city.  Steamboat Billy Scott preferred.  Miske is 19 years old.  He is about six feet tall.  He has had nine professional contests and won them all.  His opponents included Soldier Gregory, Joe Christie, Fred Fulton and Danny Ritt.  If Miske makes good Smith intends to take Him east for a campaign.  Jack Redmond says that he will travel east at the same time and seek matches before New York Clubs.


Milwaukee Free Press; Aug. 17, 1913